Terms and Conditions

The Quality Control Program service referred to as "QCP" is owned and operated by HORIBA Medical SAS, French simplified corporation with its registered office at Parc Euromedecine, Rue du Caducée, B.P. 7290, 34 184 Montpellier Cedex 4, FRANCE, registered number: 328 031 042 on the Trade and Company Register of Montpellier, hereinafter referred to as the "Supplier".

The Supplier provides the content on this Web Site subject to the following Terms and Conditions, that apply to everyone who accesses and uses this Site, to all content available under the domain name "http://qcp.horiba-abx.com", hereafter referred to as the "Site", or "QCP" or any domain name alias to the same content.

By accessing and using this Site, User agrees to have read and understood the legal information and to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

    "Services" means any functions, facilities, applications, information or other services available through this Site.

    "User" means any person who accesses or uses this Site with or without the Supplier's authorization and whether or not is registered to use this or part of this Site or a member or registered User of a Service offered through this Site.

    "Statistical Reports" means any statistical processing of values that have been submitted by the User to QCP via manual input of daily results, summary results or via transmission with CSV files, XML files, and that are made available to the User through the Site.

    "Site" means the QCP (Quality Control Program) or other collection of information and/or applications operated by the Supplier.

  2. Intellectual Property Rights

    All content in QCP, including text, still and animated images, databases, programs, etc., is the exclusive property of the Supplier or its licensors and is protected by international copyrights and other intellectual property laws.

    All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

  3. Use of Site Content

    The information provided by QCP is subject to change without notice.

    Users, who access this site after changes have been posted on the Site or otherwise communicated, shall be bound by such changes as soon as new Terms and Conditions are posted to QCP or otherwise communicated, even if Users do not visit the page on which the change or new Terms and Conditions are displayed. Frequent review of this site and these Terms and Conditions is therefore recommended.

    The Supplier grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for an undetermined duration, revocable at any time without cause, to access, display, download, as technically required for displaying, and print one copy of the Statistical Reports displayed on the Site on any single computer solely for User personal internal business use, provided that User does not modify the Site content in any way and that User retains all copyright and other proprietary notices displayed on the Site content. Printing pages of the Site is authorized only as a private copy for the exclusive usage of the copyist.

    User may not otherwise reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, post, or disclose the Site content without the Supplier's written prior consent.

    User shall not use QCP or the Services in a way that breaches these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or regulations or that causes or is likely to cause any damage, interruption or impairment of this Site, or the Services. User may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of this Site, other User accounts or any computer systems or networks connected to this Site, whether through hacking, password mining or any other means. User may not collect or attempt to collect personal information relating to others through the Site.

  4. User Registration

    To post, upload or download materials, communicate via and to access QCP, Services, resources and all QCP content, User may be asked to provide registration details and log on. It is a condition of use of this Site, Services and QCP content that all registration details User provides are and will remain true, correct, current, and complete.

    User agrees to use the online forms in the QCP website to notify the Supplier immediately of any changes which are relevant to this registration.

    If the Supplier believes the details are not correct, current, or complete, or if the Supplier otherwise in its discretion believes such action would be appropriate, including where it suspects the registration of multiple account or User profiles by the same individual, it has the right to refuse User's access to QCP, and/or any of its resources, Services and content, and to terminate or suspend User's account.

  5. User Postings

    User represents and warrants that all information, regarding the quality control results issued by the Supplier's instruments, that he submits is true and accurate, and that the Supplier instruments are used with the Supplier reagent and control and consumable product only and as per the Supplier's instructions to users.

    User acknowledges, agrees and guarantees that the Supplier shall own and have the unrestricted right to use, publish, and otherwise exploit any and all information that User posts or otherwise publishes on the Site.

  6. Personal access

    Only Users duly registered have been authorized by the Supplier may have access to the restricted area of the Site.

    For enrollment fees and conditions of participation the User shall contact his Local Representative.

    User is personally responsible for use of the Site in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

    User shall ensure that no other person has access to the Site with its personal access code. In the event that User has knowledge of another person accessing the restricted areas of the Site, User shall immediately bring the fraud to the attention of the Supplier and confirm the information by registered letter. In the event of a dispute, User agrees that information recorded on the Supplier serves with respect to use of the Site, and in particular, the personal access code assigned to User, which may be subsequently produced by the Supplier shall be also considered as conclusive proof between the parties.

    Users undertake to prevent the disclosure of this personal access code and personal information.

  7. Disclaimer

    Any information provided in the QCP is provided as a rough guide. This information is not necessarily endorsed by the supplier. Consequently the Supplier does not guarantee that such information is accurate, complete, or adequate. The Supplier disclaims any responsibility arising from negligence or otherwise concerning such information. The Supplier does not guarantee that the Site will perform without errors or continuously.

  8. Governing law and jurisdiction

    The interpretation and performance of these Terms and Conditions are submitted to French laws without regard to its conflict of laws provisions.

    Any litigation related to interpretation or performance of these Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Paris, France.